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NEET May 6th NEET Exam was a tough and tumultuous one. We heard students from all over India fighting it out for the nut cracking exam. There were stories of students, who had to travel long hours to reach their center’s. The story of some students missed the exams because their train became late to reach the place, they ought to write an exam. We heard a sad tale of a student from Tamil Nadu, who had to travel all the way to Rajasthan, which was their examination center. We can really feel what might have gone through the student and his family to travel so long to write this most challenging exam, by this sort of a grueling journey. These were instances were the social consciousness would have definitely felt that the concerned authorities should have allotted center’s in a more responsible way. The strict guidelines set forth by the authorities in the dress code also made very tiresome for most students. The toughest exam in India, were around more than ten lakh students compete for sixty thousand plus seats, gives us a real description of the sweat and toil students have undergone while undertaking this exam. At this juncture, when the result will be published by the first week of June, there is some important points, we should bear in our mind. The journey of becoming a doctor is really a challenging one in India. There are some stiff challenges which would encounter you while trying to crack this tough exam. So we should always be very optimistic and never let ourselves down in this very hard times. We should always keep alive the “Never Say Die’’ attitude. This is a journey we embark upon with a lot of serious challenges. But never give up; the baton should be carried on with perseverance. Your sweat and toil will answer for sure!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
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