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'defeat happens'
Walk an extra mile, never be afraid Most of the students will be keeping their finger’s crossed while awaiting the NEET results. Some of them will be really optimistic, others might be having a feeling they could have done better, also some might be blown away by the thought that it is not their cup of tea. Every aspirant will be having a very unique and personal thought when they are about to know the results. There is a genre of students, who have already accepted defeat and are prepared to settle for something down the ladder. We often come across these bunch of students and their usual take would be “I wanted to do MBBS, but i don’t have the mettle’’.Another usual cliché to be heard is “ I’m doing this course because I don’t think I can clear entrance exam”. This is a very dangerous and self-defeating mindset because you accept failure before the war is over. The main reason behind this is the majoritarian psyche which most of them imbibe “the fear to work hard”. The direct message what you have to understand and nurture is “There is no shortcut to success”. The great message of Swami Vivekananda is the right answer for it when we go behind to pursue our dreams; we should follow the words of this great personality “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. We should be ready to walk the extra mile, the hunger to do different should guide us, we should make our obstacles an opportunity to perform. The advertisement of mountain dew drink would serve the right purpose, which says in Hindi “Dar he age jit hai”, which means ahead of fear is the real success. The moment we challenge our limitations, the moment we put in an extra effort, the moment we are hell bound to challenge ourselves nothing can stop us. Always remember defeat happens when we get stuck confused, the path to success is never ending and it requires having a burning desire and the grit to implement it at any cost. So be ready and swift to walk the extra mile!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
How to prepare for NEET NEET Exam: What is your Preparation Modus Operandi??? NEET Exam is to be conducted for the medical courses in the month of may (May 6th), all over India. Its a hot summer for India, the preparation pressure will be definitely encircling the minds of thousands of medical aspirants, who will face the high decibel exam very soon. 1)This exam is really an exit exam, some get in, others will not. So, just go forward in a professional manner, without having the pressure siren prick you each and every moment during your preparation. 2)The next important stuff is, each of the students should be true to themselves. They should definitely asses them where do they stand in their preparation level and should be ready to accept it. The big dictum is “There is no shortcut to success”. So never be in an illusion that, you can creep in by hook or crook. To achieve the best, you have to put out your best. There is no other, substitution for it. 3)You should clearly go for clear preparation rather than a last-minute patch up. Have the clear cut idea that this exam, is being completed by many who aspire to become doctors. The subject knowledge, the skill you require should be chiseled to the best you can. So never take a half-hearted effort and then feel dejected after the results. The main logic behind it is, you should make “winning a habit”. In the precise terms, don’t go for any assignments vaguely, you should do it for the purpose of achieving and winning it. This is very important in life. So, If you go with casual efforts, then it becomes a habit when you repeat it. 4)Any event in your life is only a bypasser, It's not the end and means. So never be very conscious about the exam and get the feeling of anxiety. Try your best and hope for the best, if you achieve it, that ’s well and good. If that didn’t happen, another big is waiting for you. 5)Be always optimistic in your preparation and always maintain a positive vibe around you. Never get into self-defeating thoughts during your preparation. Just be cool and try your best. Just work out things in day tight compartments.Just be prepared for the big day and be very meticulous to make that a memorable day. So Medical Aspirants, Come On and Just Do It!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
If You are flying, Master these traits: Abroad studies have become a common phenomenon and students from India are going in large numbers, but there are some important traits you have to acquire to achieve success by all means. You should be your taskmaster and if you are prone to a habit that there should be someone to cajole you always to make things done, check it out now itself. The battle has to be won by you and always remember no one will ever fight for you. Defeats are always small negligence, which gets mushroomed in every body’s course of life. Everyone is conscious about the main stuff in life but always become ignorant towards minute things in life, which in the long run always cost them hard. for eg:You get up in the morning and never fold your bed sheet and stuffs and make it intact, in your home , in your mom will do it, this becomes a negligence and later becomes a habit, but in an international hostel this sort of small mistake will make you go completely in a negative spectacle among others. So, when you are outside y our home, studying at an international university we should be careful about everything and be ruthlessly self-reliant and active as possible as we can. 3)Another, serious issue which we build up is, I can never eat this in the night or I can never allow this to happen to myself. This sort of itinerary, every student carry, but if at all there is something like that, which becomes offensive to a majority, that should be scanned and rectified. The important qualities, we acquire from an international space, is the ability to work and adjust, with students from all sections of the world. So we should never develop a habit, which makes us an odd character in a group or in an event. Lastly, some students are in a false notion that studies mean always get ting drowned in books, it's never true, you need a sharp physical advantage along with it. A students life should always ooze with exuberance and vitality. So be a cheerleader in each and every aspects of your student life. Try to be the team leader, reach out to other students from different nationalities, interact with them, build up a sweet bond. Be active in sports, other extracurricular activities You get a student’s Life Only Once, Treasure It!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
Painting Yourself with the best, that’s Success We live in a world, where opportunities are in galore. The amount of possibilities to excel is myriad. But most of the students can’t shake themselves from the York and set for that. There will always be a lot of “ifs” and ‘buts”. For some people, they define success in a different and subjective trajectory altogether. They always are under the impression that only this road will reach the tomb of success. Even if anyone, even their close astray from that, these people will be in the forefront to give them the stamp of lifelong failure. They are those, who are carried away in the illusion that they only have the monopoly of success. They act very adamantly when they are questioned because they feel they are beyond that. The yardstick for these so-called “Master’s Of Success” apply is a very traditional and monotonous one. We find they always giving a sudden opinion, ” HO she/he is like that, no chance”, ”If you go like this, take my word’’, these are the usual clichés which we hear from these strange species. They are so blind about other stuff because they are obsessed only with their limited experience and opinions. If by anyway, they find anyone achieving success by going against their modus operandi, the first opinion will be’’Its a fluke’’, ’luck’.So success, unfortunately, had been hijacked by these sort of people everywhere. The other important nagging stuff these people give forth will be about the institutions, marks, personal stuff etc... The real essence of success is what you are inbuilt on, its a by-product of your vision and conviction. It's the firm belief in your talents, even when the whole world points a finger at you. Its that silent inspiration, which we get from our own inner soul. Its a moment where when you feel no force in the earth can defeat you..... So, paint yourself with the best!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251