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'majoritarian psyche'
Walk an extra mile, never be afraid Most of the students will be keeping their finger’s crossed while awaiting the NEET results. Some of them will be really optimistic, others might be having a feeling they could have done better, also some might be blown away by the thought that it is not their cup of tea. Every aspirant will be having a very unique and personal thought when they are about to know the results. There is a genre of students, who have already accepted defeat and are prepared to settle for something down the ladder. We often come across these bunch of students and their usual take would be “I wanted to do MBBS, but i don’t have the mettle’’.Another usual cliché to be heard is “ I’m doing this course because I don’t think I can clear entrance exam”. This is a very dangerous and self-defeating mindset because you accept failure before the war is over. The main reason behind this is the majoritarian psyche which most of them imbibe “the fear to work hard”. The direct message what you have to understand and nurture is “There is no shortcut to success”. The great message of Swami Vivekananda is the right answer for it when we go behind to pursue our dreams; we should follow the words of this great personality “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. We should be ready to walk the extra mile, the hunger to do different should guide us, we should make our obstacles an opportunity to perform. The advertisement of mountain dew drink would serve the right purpose, which says in Hindi “Dar he age jit hai”, which means ahead of fear is the real success. The moment we challenge our limitations, the moment we put in an extra effort, the moment we are hell bound to challenge ourselves nothing can stop us. Always remember defeat happens when we get stuck confused, the path to success is never ending and it requires having a burning desire and the grit to implement it at any cost. So be ready and swift to walk the extra mile!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
CAREER CONSULTANTS Heading: A good Career and The Role of a Career Consultant: The present-day world offers a wide variety of opportunities for students. It is of specializations in each and every field. Students now days often get puzzled thinking, what is best suited for them or what not. This is where an able career consultant can be of immense help. An experienced Career consultant can understand the real pulse of the students. The expert in him is well versed about the different courses in an offer. The best a student can avail from a professional is good guidance and mentoring in choosing their career. A passionate Career consultant can really lead a student to achieve their life goals in choosing their designated courses. Any student faces a tricky time when they finish their plus two. They will be surrounded by the sound and fury of a different array of courses; this proves as a stumbling block on what to choose. This period of confusion can be dealt very constructively by a good career consultant. Most of the students mix course and career. They always fall into a majoritarian view, which would be totally ignorant of their inborn desire. So always interacting with an expert can make things clear for them. The role and importance of career consultants are in demand in the present day world. The urge to get educated is an important phase of every student. The real information about it then becomes very vital. A well-versed consultant can act as a bridge between students and parents in realizing their dreams. The reason being most of the parents fail to read the aspirations of their kids, in this busy world. Some students have a low interacting space with their parents. These all can be sorted out if you can approach a good expert. So never hesitate to be innovative, for excellence, there are no shortcuts......!!!!! For more information contact: 08079497200, 09567162251