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Higher Education Abroad Life doesn’t give you a Second Chance, so grab it!!!! For every student college life is an important part of their life. The reasons being manifold, it defines both your character and identity. There is a lot of underlying factors on your character and the course you undertake. The society defines you only after your profession. That gives you a permanent identity and moreover job satisfaction the real juice to go forward. So any course you undertake should be done with utmost planning and care. The reason being life never gives you a second chance, so be ready to grab it as early as possible. Dreams never have shortcuts; it should be realized with an outmost pragmatic approach. Your profession should be your ultimate passion, never give others to decide on that. It should be your decision completely. There is a lot of students, who is gifted with immense potential but they are always encircled with a lot of frequent questions when they go out to choose their course. The usual are highlighted here... 1) Can I complete it??Do I have the metal in me to do it?? 2) Some people are saying, there is no scope for it? 3) What if I fail, then it becomes all the more difficult? 4) No one in my family has done it before, so should I go for it?? All these questions come has one simple answer “Fear to Work Hard”. Students should realize there is no short cut to success. Especially professional courses like MBBS and B tech require a very sincere effort. The main realization that you are the real hero of your dreams, can make you more active. The concept of “Job Satisfaction” which is the main essence you get after your course can be achieved only by being the best in your field. So get ready for a real fight, work hard, and choose the right course. Never allow “Regrets to take place of your Dreams”!!!! For more information contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
CAREER CONSULTANTS Heading: A good Career and The Role of a Career Consultant: The present-day world offers a wide variety of opportunities for students. It is of specializations in each and every field. Students now days often get puzzled thinking, what is best suited for them or what not. This is where an able career consultant can be of immense help. An experienced Career consultant can understand the real pulse of the students. The expert in him is well versed about the different courses in an offer. The best a student can avail from a professional is good guidance and mentoring in choosing their career. A passionate Career consultant can really lead a student to achieve their life goals in choosing their designated courses. Any student faces a tricky time when they finish their plus two. They will be surrounded by the sound and fury of a different array of courses; this proves as a stumbling block on what to choose. This period of confusion can be dealt very constructively by a good career consultant. Most of the students mix course and career. They always fall into a majoritarian view, which would be totally ignorant of their inborn desire. So always interacting with an expert can make things clear for them. The role and importance of career consultants are in demand in the present day world. The urge to get educated is an important phase of every student. The real information about it then becomes very vital. A well-versed consultant can act as a bridge between students and parents in realizing their dreams. The reason being most of the parents fail to read the aspirations of their kids, in this busy world. Some students have a low interacting space with their parents. These all can be sorted out if you can approach a good expert. So never hesitate to be innovative, for excellence, there are no shortcuts......!!!!! For more information contact: 08079497200, 09567162251
STUDY MEDICINE AT REPUTED UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES IN WESTERN, EUROPEAN & SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES Becoming a doctor is a dream for many a young men and women, looking for a profession that is among the most respected, financially rewarding and attractive career in India. However the stark reality is that aspirants outnumber, by far, the available MBBS seats, resulting in increased competition, huge capitation fees, quota system etc forcing many aspirants with capability and aptitude to give up their doctor dream altogether or end up wasting years trying to repeat various entrance exams. Though India through its 412 medical colleges produce over 45000 doctors annually, as per official figures released by Ministry of Health Government of India, there is only one doctor for every 1, 700 citizens in India, clearly indicating that India faces huge dearth of doctors and would require about four lakhs more doctors by 2020 to reach the WHO mandated ratio of one doctor per 1, 000 people. The mammoth shortfall of doctors is not limited to India. If one takes the WHO figure; the shortfall of doctors throughout the world is huge. Countries like United States, UK, and Australia also face a huge shortage which would reach alarming proportion by 2020. Though developed countries of the world like USA , UK , Canada , Australia etc remain the first choice of students and parent seeking world class medical education , one should be realistic that it can be extremely challenging in term of time, fees and intellectual effort though the reward for the same is a flourishing medical career. Moreover to get admission in institutions of these countries, students have to undertake the Admission Tests. The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) or MCAT (North American Medical College Admission Test and so on
Failure in FMGE TEST Top Reasons for failure in FMGE TEST 1. Lack of Quality Education: Many universities lack giving quality education 2. Indian medical standards and drug prescription don’t match the standards of Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, China, Georgia, Bangladesh, Nepal. 3. Technologically Backward: Technically backward countries make the business out of MBBS education. 4. Language Barrier: If we are unaware of the medium of instruction, chances are high to get admission into a regional language course other than that of an English course, one needs to study the local language throughout 6-year course duration. This will be an additional burden for students. Also, during internship students treats patients speaking the local language. English speaking in these countries are minimum. Students have to suffer during their most important phase of studies. There are a lot of factors which boils down to Doctors failing in MCI exam or the FMGE:- 1. Corruption: Lot of universities around the world offer cheap MBBS course, which is not really cheap; the degrees from those universities come with a hefty price tag. Lots of universities ask for money to pass a subject, beware of such universities 2. Lack of infrastructure: When students select MBBS abroad after twelfth standard do not really weigh about the university. Instead, they inquire whether there are pubs and other such entertainment stuff in the city they are going to be in. They are concerned whether there is a dissection hall in the Anatomy department, they are concerned with fun. 3. Students need to think about what they have come abroad. Their priority is to study rather than enjoying abroad, Of course, they can enjoy abroad but they forget their main aim for their arrival. 4. FAKE UNIVERSITIES: There are a lot of fake universities abroad especially in countries such as China, Philippines, Georgia and Central America. Check-in MCI website for approved English medium universities before confirming one through an agent or by yourself 5. Traditional Medicine: In case of China there are a lot of universities which teach only their traditional medicine and award the degree of MD. When the Doctor arrives in India for his FMGE Exam, he finds it completely different and can never pass an exam of mainstream medicine. 6. Language: When students get admissions they are told that they will be studying in English language but the reality is absolutely different in China and Russia, where the course is of Mandarin and Russian language such students go through a ritual named as Pre-Medical and drain their parents much earned money. 7. Private Colleges of India: There is a strong rumor among foreign medical graduates that the private colleges are lobbying against the Foreign Medical Graduates in MCI exam so as to make the pass percentage minimal. That is the reason the Foreign Medical Graduates Association constantly demanding an equivalent MBBS exit test for students studying in Private colleges. 8. Brain Drain: The students who go abroad to do MBBS are the ones who were Humiliated here in India, most of the bright students have no idea to return back to India. Instead, they want to go to the US, Canada, and the UK after passing those respective exams and most of them do. They never come back except for the vacation. 9. The toughness of FMG Exam: The FMGE is of PG standards. It requires more skill set to pass than an MBBS degree. That is the reason the Foreign Medical Graduates welcomes the government’s decision to abolish the FMGE and instead make the Foreign Medical Graduates appear for the NEET-PG. It becomes more centralized and transparent, helping the FMGs 10. No clinical: There are a lot of medical colleges which does not even a have its own hospital. Need to check before you go For More information contact: 09567162251, 09567447516
Lower Admission Requirement to Study MBBS in China China has been a popular destination for MBBS aspirants for the last one decade under self support when some medical universities started teaching MBBS in English medium, since 1999. And in order to guarantee China's MBBS education quality, and encourage more international students to study medicine, China Ministry of Education, announced new and strict regulations, for standardization of MBBS teaching in English medium for international students, known as "Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Student in China" and has been implemented since 2007. According to this Provisions published in 2011, there has be 49 governmental China's medical universities which are authorized to enroll international students to study English medium MBBS programs. To be frank, medical doctor as a profession is among the most promising careers across the globe due to high social respect, handsome remuneration and global prospects of job in any country. And equivalently the admission requirement for MBBS program is much higher and more difficult for each student. Take India for an example, after 10+2 students have to appear for entrance test like PMT, CBSE or AFMC etc to get admission into about five-year graduate program of MBBS. These entrance tests are hard to clear and generally students end up taking two to four attempts to get through. As we all know that studying medicine in US or UK will be such honorable thing, but MBBS as the protective subject in US which is so difficult to get admission for international students. Only students who finish the four-year undergraduate program have the qualification to apply. Below are the admission requirements in India, US, UK and China: For China's Universities: Minimum with an educational background equal to high school graduation in China, or must have passed Grade Twelve (10+2)/FSc./A Level or equivalent. With min 50% to 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology depending on the university Basic English language ability 4.Minimum age 17 years by the end of the year (Dec. 31st) For Indian Universities: Candidates should have passed the qualifying equivalent to 10+2 Higher Secondary Examination after a period of 12 years of study or equivalent, the last two years of study He/She should have obtained a minimum of sixty percent (60%) marks in aggregate in the 4 compulsory subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry (Organic and Inorganic) and Biology (Botany and Zoology). All the candidates who are found eligible under the criteria of eligibility will be required to appear at the Competitive Entrance Examination. Minimum age 17 years by the end of the year (Dec. 31st). For US Universities: At least a bachelor's (B.A.) degree, even require a bachelor's degree from a U.S. school, if their bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry or another science-related subject is better Have Excellent undergraduate academic record, and college credits must include the following: one year of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Physics and English Take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), examines understanding of the basic concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as verbal reasoning skills Competitive Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores Volunteer service Research experience Physician shadowing A personal interview may be requested at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. Note: In fact, most U.S. medical schools will not consider a foreign student for admission unless he or she has completed at least one year at an accredited U.S. undergraduate institution. For UK Universities: Students must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program (late September). International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate or Cambridge Pre-University Diploma or University Preparatory Certificate for Science and Engineering (UPCSE) or other equivalent GCE A-levels (from a UK examination board), require a minimum of three A-levels and one additional fourth subject to at least AS-level. All AS and A2 components for these four subjects should be completed within two years (Years 12 and 13 at a UK school), with the A2 examinations for the three main A-levels being taken in Year 13. All candidates must offer GCSE (or O-level from a UK examination board) at grade B or above in both English Language and Mathematics. IGCSE at grade B, a score of 5 as part of the International Baccalaureate diploma or 8.5 in the European Baccalaureate are also acceptable to fulfill the Mathematics and English Language requirements. Take the Biomedical Admissions Test to assess scientific aptitude and will focus on scientific abilities relevant to the study of medicine It is obviously that one of the best things about studying in China is that getting admission in China is really easy. You don't have to go through difficult and complicated procedures. There are no any additional entrance examinations and other practice or research experience. If you are clear with your documents and you lie in the admission criteria you don't have to worry, therefore it is very attractive for students that they don't have to waste their time in running through difficult admission processes. Likewise the admission fee and living expenditures are really reasonable and affordable for students. Students find it a suitable option to study in foreign and worldwide recognized universities with such affordable rates.
NEET 2018 Preparations Tips to Crack NEET 2018 Know the syllabus of the examination well NEET syllabus is as vast as an ocean, and you need to know the exact location to fish the best output. Cut down on extra information and focus on important topics. Since we know NEET exam covers NCERT syllabus as well, you can compare the syllabus with your Board exam syllabus. It is beneficial for you if there are common chapters as you will not need to prepare them separately. This will give you ample time to concentrate on the parts of the syllabus that are not covered. Important Focus Areas for NEET 2018 are: Physics – Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics Chemistry – Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry Biology- Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Cell Biology; Morphology, Reproduction, and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology Good study material Yes, that’s the most important element! While selecting the right study material for NEET is little confusing, with the help of teachers and online expert assistance, you can choose the right one. You can consult NEET toppers and see which book they referred. Of course, they won’t be reachable for all of you. So, you can read NEET topper interviews and try to get an idea of their preparation style. You should prepare study notes for NEET, solve previous years’ question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy. Come up with an effective study plan Time is priceless. We all know this, yet many aspirants fail to make the proper use of time and take a nosedive. Goal setting can be used as a strategy to help aspirants bring positive changes into their lives. In order to implement the setting of a goal, make sure to ask yourself some questions: What is my goal? Is my goal realistic? How much effort has to be put in to fulfill my goal? Until and unless you make a complete and thorough schedule of the way you want to study, you will not be able to complete the syllabus. Plan for the week in advance and figure out chapters that you need to prepare from the beginning. Work on weaker areas It is possible that you are very strong in one subject and weak in the other. Do not get discouraged by the same. Try and work hard more in the weaker areas to strengthen them. If required, take help from a friend or senior or take extra classes on the subject. It will help in overcoming the fear of your weakness effectively. Practice mock test papers One of the greatest challenges of the NEET examination is the time limitation. Students have to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes (3 hours). It means they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question. Time management is a mandatory skill that is required for this exam. While practicing at home, make sure that you keep the time limitation in mind. See complete solution of NEET previous year question paper; focus on the frequently asked questions, topics, and pattern. Regular Study Breaks We are humans and not machines. So, we require timely rest as, after all, even machines need some rest to get back to working efficiently. Hence, it is essential to realize that one can’t maintain an optimum level of concentration without taking an optimum break to recover. But beware that you don’t bring the breaks to a higher priority than studies. Breaks can be in the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with a friend or simply taking a small nap. Use New Technologies There are many people who study by highlighting in the textbooks and making notes with a pen on a scrap of paper. These methods still find their place and importance, but there are countless options for personalizing study than ever before. Be it through online tools, social media, blogs, videos or mobile apps, learning has become easy, interesting and user-centered today. Do not fall for guesswork Many candidates have the tendency of taking the guesswork route for solving questions they don’t know. However, it might prove risky in this case as there is negative marking for a wrong answer. It is recommended to leave a question completely if you do not know the right answer. This is one of the most important tips to crack NEET 2018 that anyone can give! Health is everything It’s crucial to evaluate yourself both physically and mentally. Instead of complaining “I never get enough sleep” or “I’m eating too much convenience food, ” take control and plan for bringing in the balance. This will help you to be happier and more productive. Avoid junk and oily foods and switch to healthy diet plans. Do meditation and yoga exercises for better concentration. All these tips to crack NEET 2018 would be useless without this one factor! Positivity is imperative Your attitude decides the effectiveness of the learning process. If you possess a negative approach and keep saying that you can’t do it, then this won’t commit to the idea of learning. A grumbling approach will only make things difficult. The moment you start thinking positively, your brain will show greater activity. A right frame of mind also makes you feel less anxious and more open to new ideas. For more information contact 08079497200 09567162251
One of the major areas of focus in our educational services is the medical education. Universities have welcomed hundreds of medical students in the last few years from across the world to study mbbs in china. Scholarships programs for foreign students and up gradation of medical education standard really attracted the students. These medical universities for MBBS program are PMDC recognized institution and their degrees are honoured across the world. We offer the MBBS program for the Xi'an Jiaotong University, ZhengZhou University, Fujian Medical University, China Three Gorges University etc. These universities graduated large number of doctors who have been serving their medical profession particularly in the region of Gulf. Fast growing demands of medical doctors and other health professionals have attracted students to develop their future in the medical sciences. Some countries of the Asia and Gulf region have limited options for medical studies whereas China has established numerous medical universities which have good capacity of teaching medical students. These medical institutes are regularly offering admission to MBBS program and also offer scholarship facilities for the foreign students. EBC Worldwide has included only those medical universities in its panel, which have good standing in medical studies. Students would feel their career secure and bright, as the medical graduates from China universities have been welcomed in all regions. call us 9567162251
Difference Between MBBS India And Abroad There is difference in standard, exam pattern, practical knowledge and clinical exposure, infrastructure availability, Library has enough books for every student and books of both Indian and foreign authors are available 1. MCI Exam: One can easily crack FMGE when he is well prepared with his 6 year syllabus 2. EXIT Exam: Government is changing rules. Once the new law is passed, in future, EXIT exam is must for students studying in India or in abroad to practice here. So no need to worry about FMGE. 3. Rating: Most of the Indian Medical universities are rated low, Top medical university in India – AIIMS rated 790 in world ranking. 4. Safety : Most of the abroad countries are safe than India to pursue higher studies. 5. Exposure: Studying abroad is a dream for many. And when it come for you at an early age, make the best use of the international exposure. Can We Do MBBS From a Private Medical College In today's world it doesn't really matter where you do your MBBS from? A sign of good collage lies in its excellent teaching faculty, good reputation, good patient inflow and last but not the least, your performance and hard work.
Tips for Going Abroad Be Organized It is essential that you are composed in your schoolwork and in your voyaging plans. Concentrate abroad can be really frenzied on occasion so it can be useful to have an organizer for you to record when any assignments, tests, papers, and so forth are expected. And monitoring any excursions you design with the correct flight data, lodging reservations, extra transportation, and so on. Being sorted out can help you a great deal abroad, particularly when you should be on time when getting a transport, flight or prepare. Additionally, arranging your treks in advance can spare you a ton of cash on transportation and remain. In the event that you are aware of a city or nation where you truly need to go, book it when you can. Try not to hold up until the latest possible time. Early Check-in It is less demanding and less expensive for you to check in on the web and print your tickets previously you touch base at the airplane terminal. It can be more costly for you to process in extra baggage at the airplane terminal as opposed to checking in and paying for the gear on the web. In the event that you are stressed over not having a printer, you can, in any case, monitor your telephone and have your ticket that can be examined while experiencing security or loading onto the plane. Pack Small Pressing light is additionally less demanding and less expensive in light of the fact that you can expedite a little convey that can fit on aircrafts. Keep in mind, it's alright to rehash outfits. Be Confident Try not to be hesitant to converse with local people and practice new dialects. It's the least demanding approach to take in another dialect and find out about societies and the general population living in that nation you are going by. On the off chance that you need to meet individuals, it is critical to be certain and start discussions with new individuals. You could wind up making enduring fellowships and perhaps be going by them sometime down the road. Be Patient Voyaging can be exceptionally tiring and be upsetting now and again. Being patient can help you and the general population you are going with. When you are living and making a trip to various nations, it can be unnerving acclimating to such another and diverse condition. There is such an alternate way of life abroad, to the point that it can be hard for individuals to get used to. Dialect boundaries can make individuals restless and cause perplexity between two individuals from better places or societies. For whatever length of time that you understand, you can alter effectively to the dialect hindrances and diverse societies. For more Information contact: 08079497200, 09567162251