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Painting Yourself with the best, that’s Success We live in a world, where opportunities are in galore. The amount of possibilities to excel is myriad. But most of the students can’t shake themselves from the York and set for that. There will always be a lot of “ifs” and ‘buts”. For some people, they define success in a different and subjective trajectory altogether. They always are under the impression that only this road will reach the tomb of success. Even if anyone, even their close astray from that, these people will be in the forefront to give them the stamp of lifelong failure. They are those, who are carried away in the illusion that they only have the monopoly of success. They act very adamantly when they are questioned because they feel they are beyond that. The yardstick for these so-called “Master’s Of Success” apply is a very traditional and monotonous one. We find they always giving a sudden opinion, ” HO she/he is like that, no chance”, ”If you go like this, take my word’’, these are the usual clichés which we hear from these strange species. They are so blind about other stuff because they are obsessed only with their limited experience and opinions. If by anyway, they find anyone achieving success by going against their modus operandi, the first opinion will be’’Its a fluke’’, ’luck’.So success, unfortunately, had been hijacked by these sort of people everywhere. The other important nagging stuff these people give forth will be about the institutions, marks, personal stuff etc... The real essence of success is what you are inbuilt on, its a by-product of your vision and conviction. It's the firm belief in your talents, even when the whole world points a finger at you. Its that silent inspiration, which we get from our own inner soul. Its a moment where when you feel no force in the earth can defeat you..... So, paint yourself with the best!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
Its Your Choice, Let it be Only Your’S Its an entrance time, its a time, when you are in a complete dilemma, what to choose or what not. The myriads of opinions, which will be around from your near and far ones, there may be a rejection of your plans, some might force their opinion, there are all these factors, which will surround you, the moment you complete your plus two. But as a student, you should never compromise your dreams and career. These are the main steps you should adhere to comply with your decisions. 1) Be sure your course is your dream and passion, never go for a half-hearted course. Always remember that this defines your future and the place in your society, so you should be vigilant while choosing it. 2) Never procrastinate your decision; this will cost you very tough in your future. This makes you not sure about yourself in the long run. 3) Have the guts to rectify your failures, never be ashamed of that. Some students always try to hide their weakness, just remember that it will get exposed sooner or later if you don’t rectify it. 4) Never stop trying for excellence; it’s you who will decide where you will reach not others. There are sometimes when others try to decide your fate. 5) Life is not an accident, it’s an art of creativity to be fashioned and enjoyed to the core. So it’s all about diverting your energy, knowledge into a purposeful and meaningful life. 6) Have an ear for criticism, never get bogged down. There are a lot of instances, when you get perturbed when you are prone to criticism, face it boldly and never try to get upset with it. So, Be your Master, let not anyone rule You!!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
MBBS Course: It's a straight journey, No shortcuts We always find repetitive doubts, unanswered queries and sometimes very strange and odd opinions regarding MBBS Course. In India, it is a real stamp of status for most of the people and indeed there is little doubt that, there are a real dignity and pride behind it. For a long time, there was a never-ending buzz for MBBS course in India and Abroad. The strange scenario it put forth was an array of misled information and a lot of conceived notions regarding about the course inside and outside the country. We usually say, when the time changes automatically our perception and attitude changes. The same was the case of MBBS also. Earlier there was a real biased opinion for studying MBBS abroad. Some parents were always perturbed, whether studying MBBS abroad would fetch the same result they get when they do it in India. The real worth they kept on worried will be achieved only when the course can be done in India.Another big section couldn’t digest the fact that, to do such a lengthy course, their beloved kids have to go so far. But as the time went on, education has really entered into a global phenomenon and it has become natural to go abroad now days But for MBBS, this year is really a turning point for students pursuing this course. For the first time, both for students studying here and abroad, the medium of qualifying as a practicing doctor is same. Both students have to qualify for NEXT exam, in the final year of their MBBS.The students planning to study MBBS abroad also should really take care, whether the university they choose is approved by the Medical Council Of India. The list of colleges approved by the MCI is displayed on their website.Moreover, students planning abroad also should get a minimum percentage in NEET.So this year, the journey of MBBS course is crisp and clear, no scope for anything left out here or there. So Crack Your NEET and be a part of this Unique Journey!!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES Choose Your Country which gels your Personality: 1)Each student is an individual, his thoughts are unique, so while planning to Study abroad it's your decision, which is paramount. 2)A student should be aware of the globe, they should work on a concrete knowledge system of countries around the globe. 3)Seeking opinion from the right person, who knows your taste is very important. Some students take a decision from mediocre pieces of stuff, which will cost them badly in the long run. 4)Studying MBBS abroad is a long phase, plan a proper checklist, don't be absent-minded for it is your future at stake 5)When you pursue your studies, just focus on that, never get into the anxiety of future. 6)Plan your studies in day-tight compartments, even find quality time for extracurricular activities. 7)The best challenge you should offer it to yourself. Don't fall prey into comparisons. 8)Maintaining a positive frame of mind is very important during the long tenure abroad, always maintain it in the best way you can... In short, if your sincere to your dreams, there is no one stopping You!!! All the best. For More Information contact: 09567162251, 09567447516
BREAK AFTER PLUS2 Perils of taking a break after Plus Two: 1)Some students got a habit of taking a break after plus two, the frequent reasons are as follows: a)I need a break-in, exhausted after a long tenure of plus two. b)I need time to decide on my future, can’t take a sudden decision. c)I am planning to go for entrance coaching, I'm planning to write entrance next time. d)I didn’t perform well in plus two exam needs time to improve it once again e)Most of my friends are taking a break, so I also have decided..... 2)These are the basic excuses most of the students give, but there is a real negative factor hidden in this, the reasons are as follows: a)The time after plus two is never for procrastination if you cannot decide for yourself find a good mentor to advise you. The main reason behind this is Education is a continuous process, it never stops... b)The main psychological effect for students going for entrance coaching is manifold, they go on ina perplexing environment, they always get cobwebbed in their mind with a question, will I get through the entrance or not???... this creates a lot of mental pressure for the students going for entrance coaching. The best choice would be either join a degree and plan entrance or decide to plan to study abroad. The motto is don’t wait for dreams to happen, jump into it. c)Some students have an aversion to leaving their home and surroundings they say, “I can't leave my parents and loved ones”. The same is true for parents also. This is a very incompetent notion because today the whole world is a home and those who take risk only win. d)For great decisions, taking time is a crime. So students taking a break during a big duty is not a great idea. Remembering the lines of Robert Frost; “Woods are dark, lovely and deep But I have promises to keep, Miles to go before I sleep....... So don’t rest, in between your dreams and duties!!!! For more information contact: 09567162251/ 09567447516