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Dr. Soumya Swaminathan Dr. Soumya Swaminathan: India’s Pride at WHO Dr.Soumya Swaminathan achieved a rare feat, never by an Indian, when she was appointed as the Deputy Director General at WHO. This is the highest post ever hold by an Indian in this international organisation. She will be the second-in-command of the global body. She was until now the Director General Of Indian Medical Research and Council. Swaminathan holds M.B.B.S. from Armed Forces Medical College and M.D. from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, along with a Diplomate of National Board from National Board of Examinations. She subsequently held Post Doctoral Medical Fellowship in Pediatric Pulmonology at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. She is the daughter of the great scientist Dr. MS Swaminathan, who was the real progenitor of the green revolution in India. Dr. Soumya was part of the drafting committee which drafted surrogacy bill, that ended commercial surrogacy. She is a world acclaimed doctor and a prolific researcher. She carried forward the impending quest of her father, in the relentless quest for innovative ideas and research. WHO has termed her as a globally recognized researcher on tuberculosis and HIV.The greatest contribution of Dr. Soumya was to translate research into impactful programmes. The benchmark set by this eminent doctor is really both a challenge and inspiration for present generation medical graduates. It really gives a big message of the great capability of doctors our country has produced. The ladders she crossed out of her sheer passion for medicine and research is something of a great story of success. She is the proud daughter of India. It was really a proud moment for the country when news of her appointment in WHO was officially announced. Every medical student can take pride that the role they have taken up is unique and challenging. The real episode of Dr. Soumya will really show how vast and challenging this field is and with real dedication how you can reach the pinnacle of your respective field. Indeed Dr.Soumya Swaminathan has bestowed, a proud moment for India For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
Walk an extra mile, never be afraid Most of the students will be keeping their finger’s crossed while awaiting the NEET results. Some of them will be really optimistic, others might be having a feeling they could have done better, also some might be blown away by the thought that it is not their cup of tea. Every aspirant will be having a very unique and personal thought when they are about to know the results. There is a genre of students, who have already accepted defeat and are prepared to settle for something down the ladder. We often come across these bunch of students and their usual take would be “I wanted to do MBBS, but i don’t have the mettle’’.Another usual cliché to be heard is “ I’m doing this course because I don’t think I can clear entrance exam”. This is a very dangerous and self-defeating mindset because you accept failure before the war is over. The main reason behind this is the majoritarian psyche which most of them imbibe “the fear to work hard”. The direct message what you have to understand and nurture is “There is no shortcut to success”. The great message of Swami Vivekananda is the right answer for it when we go behind to pursue our dreams; we should follow the words of this great personality “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. We should be ready to walk the extra mile, the hunger to do different should guide us, we should make our obstacles an opportunity to perform. The advertisement of mountain dew drink would serve the right purpose, which says in Hindi “Dar he age jit hai”, which means ahead of fear is the real success. The moment we challenge our limitations, the moment we put in an extra effort, the moment we are hell bound to challenge ourselves nothing can stop us. Always remember defeat happens when we get stuck confused, the path to success is never ending and it requires having a burning desire and the grit to implement it at any cost. So be ready and swift to walk the extra mile!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
AFMC: The Medical Institution of Indian Armed Forces Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune was established in the year 1948, after the second world war. The formation became possible after the coming together of various Indian medical corps. The institution has played a big role in rejuvenating all three services of Indian Armed Forces. The doctors of AFMC has done a commendable service to the force, with their sheer dedication and commitment. It has a very rare history of producing soldiers who are impeccable doctors. AFMC offers training mainly for medical undergraduate and postgraduates. It also provides training for dental postgraduates, also for nursing cadets and paramedical staff. The main motto behind its curriculum is to give the patients utmost medical care and support. The college has undertaken much research in various medical subjects and it gives special attention to areas, where the performance and confidence of Armed Forces can be brought out to its best. A total of 130 students, get selected for MBBS course every year. The proposition usually followed is 105 boys and 25 girls. These cadets are given high-level facilities and they are not allowed to marry during their course. Students bag various scholarships for short-term projects from ICMR and other scholarship programmes. The institution can really be proud of its alumni, which was really unique and has made India proud. Notable of them are Punita Arora, who was the first woman credited to be Lieutenant General of Indian Army. Another big stalwart is Surender Poonia, who was a medal winner in four consecutive World Championship in Power Lifting.Soumya Swaminathan is another jewel from AFMC, who was the first Indian to hold the post of Director General of Programming (DPP) at WHO. AFMC, We Salute You!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251