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MBBS FROM RUSSIA Russia Through My Lens My trip to Russia this time beholds sweet in my memory. I always yearned to visit this great Country, known for its rich grandeur and history. Though I have visited several countries, my trip to Russia was first. Being an Educational Consultant, I was there to learn about the different universities apt for Indian students, to learn their curriculum and standard. Second, I had a very sweet personal wish that was to publish my book about "Studying Abroad" from Russia, at STAVROPOL university, in front of my beloved students, who I had already guided to take MBBS there. Being a Keralite, I preferred my first book to be in Malayalam, my mother tongue. I was really enchanted by the city of Moscow, it's majestic architecture, which really oozes out its great legacy, having a real demarcation between the old architecture and new. I was blessed to take part in the victory day of Russia, a unique feeling to view the March past of the great Russian army, which heralds their hard-fought win in Second World War. The affinity of Russian people was very warm and gentle, which made me more at ease. They pinned their flag on my shirt and gave their flag and very lovingly invited me to be part of their country's special celebration. Another memorable memory was our team's decision to have a car trip from Kazan to Volgograd instead of flight. We were immensely blown away by the journey of more than thousand plus kilometers. The fond memories of Tolstoy and Chekov was coming in me when the car raced through the countryside When my book was put out by my beloved students in the university, my mind was gratified, and my soul was glimmering, I will be back soon next time... For More Information contact: 09567162251, 09567447516
Never Give Up, Never Compromise, keep fighting!!! Failures are never a recurring phenomenon and success is not a patent for anyone. Dear students, we have approached the final week of NEET exam and the temperature is really rising for students in its final stage, there are some points we have to really get into our mind when we approach one of the toughest competitive exams in India. Those students, who are appearing for the NEET for the first time, should have the real cut knowledge that they are competing for just 60, 000 odd students throughout India and it is never a cake walk. So try to really read the intensity and depth of the exam, when you see your chances in it. MBBS is not only a course, it’s a lifelong effort to understand the intricacies of a human body, it requires your full-time dedication and hard work. This is something which should be deep in your quest when you go for it and plan to achieve it. So never take it as an ordinary course and try for it. Students planning MBBS abroad should always have the real idea of the course in various universities, they should analyze themselves the rankings of the university, its topography and how much it would be an advantage for you. There will be students, who have not cleared NEET in their first or second attempts, never lose your heart. Always remember, if your intentions are pure and real, you will reach your destination one day for sure. Always maintain a grit feeling that, the best is yet to come... Parents should always be attentive in giving their Kids the best support and inspiration. Always we forget the fact that the effect of love and inspiration is paramount for students, during the tumult times like preparing for NEET!!!! Remember the sweet perfume is hidden in you, just take time to find its real fragrance......!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
The Bliss of Being a Career Consultant: A job of a career consultant is always filled with the sweet memories of interaction with different students from various strata of the society. But memories of some special students get stuck in your mind for a long period of time. I would like to recall my interaction with one special student called Akheel. I first met Akheel in my Calicut office during the year 2003. He was a very enthusiastic chap at the first glance, he came to meet me up, to know more about MBBS abroad. He has already tried his luck last year for state entrance but was not lucky enough to get through. Akheel came from a well-off family and he could have earned seat in a private medical college, but he insisted that he was not interested to make his family spend huge amount of money for his studies, He then started asking me a lot of questions regarding MBBS abroad, he said he is very active in sports and frequently plays football. I assured him all the Universities abroad, give good preference for sports and extracurricular activities. He asked me about the possibilities of scholarship in various universities tried my level best to give him the best information, Ican. The next week, Akheel took his dad and came to my office. He said in a very positive tone”Sir, I have decided to pursue my MBBS in China, ” his father a businessman didn’t say much, because I knew they are that brand of parents which sails through the opinion of their kids and they know their kids can take the right decision. he took admission into a very good university in China and often contacts me through social networking sites. Whenever I visit his university, we always spend quality time with each other. By then I started noticing stark changes in his view and attitudes, he has really become a pure cosmopolitan. His confidence has multiplied, his view on life has become very modern and the most important part, he was enjoying his life in China. His parents always call me, whenever I visit his university, you all know the anxiety of parents. I always used to give them confidence and assures them that, he will come out in flying colors. One day, I heard from other students, he had damaged his legs while playing football. The very next minute, I called him, as positive always he said, ” no need to worry, I'm fine”. At the time of the final year I called him and told him to concentrate more on studies, he assured me he will study well. Years passed, donno as life goes our connection had a gap. I just consoled myself t hats life, we have to admit it. One fine Sunday morning, I woke up late, had a call, out of my drowsiness, I took my call, ” Sir I'm Akheel, I have fulfilled my word have cleared my MCI Exam”. That was one of the finest days in my life as a career consultant!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
If You are flying, Master these traits: Abroad studies have become a common phenomenon and students from India are going in large numbers, but there are some important traits you have to acquire to achieve success by all means. You should be your taskmaster and if you are prone to a habit that there should be someone to cajole you always to make things done, check it out now itself. The battle has to be won by you and always remember no one will ever fight for you. Defeats are always small negligence, which gets mushroomed in every body’s course of life. Everyone is conscious about the main stuff in life but always become ignorant towards minute things in life, which in the long run always cost them hard. for eg:You get up in the morning and never fold your bed sheet and stuffs and make it intact, in your home , in your mom will do it, this becomes a negligence and later becomes a habit, but in an international hostel this sort of small mistake will make you go completely in a negative spectacle among others. So, when you are outside y our home, studying at an international university we should be careful about everything and be ruthlessly self-reliant and active as possible as we can. 3)Another, serious issue which we build up is, I can never eat this in the night or I can never allow this to happen to myself. This sort of itinerary, every student carry, but if at all there is something like that, which becomes offensive to a majority, that should be scanned and rectified. The important qualities, we acquire from an international space, is the ability to work and adjust, with students from all sections of the world. So we should never develop a habit, which makes us an odd character in a group or in an event. Lastly, some students are in a false notion that studies mean always get ting drowned in books, it's never true, you need a sharp physical advantage along with it. A students life should always ooze with exuberance and vitality. So be a cheerleader in each and every aspects of your student life. Try to be the team leader, reach out to other students from different nationalities, interact with them, build up a sweet bond. Be active in sports, other extracurricular activities You get a student’s Life Only Once, Treasure It!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251