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Study MBBS In Russia

MBBS in Russia has historically been a popular choice for Indian students. About 5,000 Indian students are currently studying medicine in Russia in about 20 universities spread over the country. All the Russian medical institutions listed under the WHO list are recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI). With MBBS in Russia being one of the cheapest options available, Indian students prefer it as their favourite destination. The medical study from Russia is considered as one of the most advanced in the world and uses the latest and up-to-date methods and techniques of teaching. MBBS in Russia focuses on the all-round development of students knowledge and extensive development of the student in his/her chosen field of specialisation. The medical study in Russia is among the best in the world with the student’s performance and progress measured against several parameters. The student can be assured that he will be a successful doctor upon his return to India provided he/she works hard and gives their 101% efforts. MBBS in Russia is already being pursued by thousands of Indian students who are attracted by the prospect of a high quality of education together with the low cost of living and tuition fees.



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