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Walk an extra mile, never be afraid Most of the students will be keeping their finger’s crossed while awaiting the NEET results. Some of them will be really optimistic, others might be having a feeling they could have done better, also some might be blown away by the thought that it is not their cup of tea. Every aspirant will be having a very unique and personal thought when they are about to know the results. There is a genre of students, who have already accepted defeat and are prepared to settle for something down the ladder. We often come across these bunch of students and their usual take would be “I wanted to do MBBS, but i don’t have the mettle’’.Another usual cliché to be heard is “ I’m doing this course because I don’t think I can clear entrance exam”. This is a very dangerous and self-defeating mindset because you accept failure before the war is over. The main reason behind this is the majoritarian psyche which most of them imbibe “the fear to work hard”. The direct message what you have to understand and nurture is “There is no shortcut to success”. The great message of Swami Vivekananda is the right answer for it when we go behind to pursue our dreams; we should follow the words of this great personality “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. We should be ready to walk the extra mile, the hunger to do different should guide us, we should make our obstacles an opportunity to perform. The advertisement of mountain dew drink would serve the right purpose, which says in Hindi “Dar he age jit hai”, which means ahead of fear is the real success. The moment we challenge our limitations, the moment we put in an extra effort, the moment we are hell bound to challenge ourselves nothing can stop us. Always remember defeat happens when we get stuck confused, the path to success is never ending and it requires having a burning desire and the grit to implement it at any cost. So be ready and swift to walk the extra mile!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
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Painting Yourself with the best, that’s Success We live in a world, where opportunities are in galore. The amount of possibilities to excel is myriad. But most of the students can’t shake themselves from the York and set for that. There will always be a lot of “ifs” and ‘buts”. For some people, they define success in a different and subjective trajectory altogether. They always are under the impression that only this road will reach the tomb of success. Even if anyone, even their close astray from that, these people will be in the forefront to give them the stamp of lifelong failure. They are those, who are carried away in the illusion that they only have the monopoly of success. They act very adamantly when they are questioned because they feel they are beyond that. The yardstick for these so-called “Master’s Of Success” apply is a very traditional and monotonous one. We find they always giving a sudden opinion, ” HO she/he is like that, no chance”, ”If you go like this, take my word’’, these are the usual clichés which we hear from these strange species. They are so blind about other stuff because they are obsessed only with their limited experience and opinions. If by anyway, they find anyone achieving success by going against their modus operandi, the first opinion will be’’Its a fluke’’, ’luck’.So success, unfortunately, had been hijacked by these sort of people everywhere. The other important nagging stuff these people give forth will be about the institutions, marks, personal stuff etc... The real essence of success is what you are inbuilt on, its a by-product of your vision and conviction. It's the firm belief in your talents, even when the whole world points a finger at you. Its that silent inspiration, which we get from our own inner soul. Its a moment where when you feel no force in the earth can defeat you..... So, paint yourself with the best!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
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NEET May 6th NEET Exam was a tough and tumultuous one. We heard students from all over India fighting it out for the nut cracking exam. There were stories of students, who had to travel long hours to reach their center’s. The story of some students missed the exams because their train became late to reach the place, they ought to write an exam. We heard a sad tale of a student from Tamil Nadu, who had to travel all the way to Rajasthan, which was their examination center. We can really feel what might have gone through the student and his family to travel so long to write this most challenging exam, by this sort of a grueling journey. These were instances were the social consciousness would have definitely felt that the concerned authorities should have allotted center’s in a more responsible way. The strict guidelines set forth by the authorities in the dress code also made very tiresome for most students. The toughest exam in India, were around more than ten lakh students compete for sixty thousand plus seats, gives us a real description of the sweat and toil students have undergone while undertaking this exam. At this juncture, when the result will be published by the first week of June, there is some important points, we should bear in our mind. The journey of becoming a doctor is really a challenging one in India. There are some stiff challenges which would encounter you while trying to crack this tough exam. So we should always be very optimistic and never let ourselves down in this very hard times. We should always keep alive the “Never Say Die’’ attitude. This is a journey we embark upon with a lot of serious challenges. But never give up; the baton should be carried on with perseverance. Your sweat and toil will answer for sure!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
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Share Your Dreams, Who Read’s Your Soul We often hear in the success stories of great personalities, a strong character, who always shared his/her dreams in their pursuit for excellence. From the annals of history, this has been a recurring theme, when two bodies but same soul and wavelength have done wonder’s in different fields of human excellence. Life depends on how we tune it, never make it a monotonous routine. It should be celebrated by all means, its the rare opportunity we get to experience this great space and impinge our mark on it. We should dare to dream big and unique, and should always remember this life, which we are lucky to act is full of beautiful opportunities and moments. Never shy away from experimenting your life, just because, what we can is only now nor never... There is a set of people, unfortunately, who never dare to act differently, who never have the guts to experience the vivid possibilities of life. Always be very conscious, if that sort of entities tries to encircle you. Because our best comes out only when we are with the best. Always follow the successful people, have the real idea how they tackled their problems, let your senses be prone to the best and let it always challenge you to do the best. This is only possible when you have a soul keeper, who can ignite your dreams. The passionate stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jack Ma gives you brightening examples of the people around them, who inspired them to do the best. Always remember education, unfortunately, is misread as a tool to make monetary gains, in an actual sense it is not right, it should propel you to think differently, it should force you to dream big, should never bog you down and it should always act as a real beacon of hope and change. We should carry forward the hunger to do something different and try to be a constructive solution to many problems humankind is facing now. Just imagine, if most of us think like this, our earth will definitely be an entirely different space. So let the genius in you sprout out, get started!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251
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Never Give Up, Never Compromise, keep fighting!!! Failures are never a recurring phenomenon and success is not a patent for anyone. Dear students, we have approached the final week of NEET exam and the temperature is really rising for students in its final stage, there are some points we have to really get into our mind when we approach one of the toughest competitive exams in India. Those students, who are appearing for the NEET for the first time, should have the real cut knowledge that they are competing for just 60, 000 odd students throughout India and it is never a cake walk. So try to really read the intensity and depth of the exam, when you see your chances in it. MBBS is not only a course, it’s a lifelong effort to understand the intricacies of a human body, it requires your full-time dedication and hard work. This is something which should be deep in your quest when you go for it and plan to achieve it. So never take it as an ordinary course and try for it. Students planning MBBS abroad should always have the real idea of the course in various universities, they should analyze themselves the rankings of the university, its topography and how much it would be an advantage for you. There will be students, who have not cleared NEET in their first or second attempts, never lose your heart. Always remember, if your intentions are pure and real, you will reach your destination one day for sure. Always maintain a grit feeling that, the best is yet to come... Parents should always be attentive in giving their Kids the best support and inspiration. Always we forget the fact that the effect of love and inspiration is paramount for students, during the tumult times like preparing for NEET!!!! Remember the sweet perfume is hidden in you, just take time to find its real fragrance......!!!! For More details Contact: 09567447516, 09567162251